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User header tags in your content

Use Header Tags for a Better Experience on Your Website

Much like a young toddler telling a story and you aren’t sure what the point is, long pages of paragraph after paragraph kind of have that same effect on people. Where is this going? What’s the point? But unlike being patient with a toddler, people will not care about your feelings. They’ll leave your site

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Computer Backup software
Small Business

Computers Crash. What’s your backup plan?

Protecting the information you store on your computer is essential, especially if you own your own business. While technology has come a long way, system breakdowns are common occurrences, meaning it’s not a matter of if your computer will crash, but when—costing you not only the hours spent working on a project but hours of

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Asking for a Review Email Template

Asking for a review can be a delicate matter. Read our previous article, “How to Ask for a Review by Not Asking for a Review” for more details. In this quick post, we are sharing a free email template to send to your clients for requesting a review. Be sure to change the names and

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5 tools for writing your own content

5 Tools for Writing Your Own Content

Free Apps and Plugins for Writing Your Own Content If you are managing your own website updates, blog posts, or social media profiles you’ll no doubt be doing a lot of your own writing and marketing. The best advice I can give is hire a professional copywriter. They are expert communicators and writing about your

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Unhappy bag boy at computer blue background

Top 10 Reasons Clients Hate Your Website

Your website is the window to your business. It needs to be easy to use and easy on the eyes or your site viewers are going to click that back button and search for the next business on the search results list. If you’ve had your website up for a while and aren’t seeing any

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