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Computers Crash. What’s your backup plan?

Protecting the information you store on your computer is essential, especially if you own your own business. While technology has come a long way, system breakdowns are common occurrences, meaning it’s not a matter of if your computer will crash, but when—costing you not only the hours spent working on a project but hours of trying to retrieve, recreate, or recuperate from the loss. It’s scary but it happens. I knew I never wanted to be in that situation. I looked at a few different companies and I ended up choosing Backblaze as my backup option for my computer. They are Mac and PC-friendly and are great for business or personal use. Even better, you are not going to break the bank by subscribing to this service. I like them so much that I asked to be an affiliate. For just $7 per month, Backblaze can provide you with not only dependable cloud storage but also peace of mind.
Recommended by successful companies like The New York Times, Lifewire, and The Verge, Backblaze offers users all-inclusive cloud backups, including:
  • Unlimited file storage (including documents, photos, music, movies, and more!)
  • Easy account set-up
  • Automatic backups at lightning speed
  • Backups and archives for attacked external drives
  • Access to your files from anywhere using a mobile app
  • Extensive data security complete with private encryption keys, two-factor authorization, and native software
Backing up your data has never been so easy and affordable. Plus, in the event of a computer crash, Backblaze will quickly have your data available to download so you don’t lose any time restoring lost files. Keep your files safe and your mind at ease for just $7 per month with Backblaze. If you sign up through these links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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