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Biggest Mistake Small Businesses Make with Their Social Media

The biggest mistake with social media that a small business can make is using it as an advertising platform. People hate ads. Just like in the old days when we used to change the channel or turn down the radio when a commercial came on, people will now scroll past your post, or worse, unfollow your page. You’ll get low interaction rates which the all-mighty algorithm will notice and therefore show your content less.

Social media is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and create a dialogue with your clients or customers. Social media is about being connected and sharing, not spam. You can share special offers but keep it to once in a while. Try every one in five posts and measure the engagement then adjust your ratio if needed.

Mistake with Social Media Facebook parody


Instead of spam mistakes, use these tips to create content for your social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Start with a Goal

    Are you trying to gain more followers? Increase engagement with your current audience? Starting your social media profile with unrealistic expectations leads to frustration on your end and eventual self-abandonment of your social media accounts.

  2. Share Your Why

    Share why your company does what it does. Make your company seem more personable and approachable than a foreign corporate entity.

  3. Speak Simply

    Keep posts casual and conversation-like rather than copy and paste your mission statement. Write as if you were speaking with someone so you don’t read as an owner’s manual.

  4. Create Posts That Encourage Engagement

    Ask a question. Such as what new service they would like from you or what their favorite product is so far.

  5. Share Photos and Videos

    Show what you are working on. Stats show posts with (relevant) images or videos get more views and likes than simple text.*

  6. Post Regularly

    You can experiment to see when you get the most engagement but try to remain consistent with your posts. Preferably, share a couple of times a week rather than once every few months.

  7. Share Valuable Tips or Articles from Others in Your Industry

    Or better yet, write the articles yourself and show you’re the expert in your industry.

  8. Measure!

    On Facebook, look at the Post Details and see which posts are generating more engagement. This can help you tailor content that your audience will appreciate and result in even more engagement. Each social media platform has its own analytics reporting. See Which Social Media Platform Is Best for My Small Business.

Valuable content will keep them from unfollowing. No one knows your business like you, so share the knowledge!

Posting content that your viewers will find valuable and entertaining will keep them from unsubscribing. No one knows your business like you so share the knowledge!

In the interest of sharing, please post your company’s social media profiles in a comment below. We’d love to know your business better.

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