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Top 10 Reasons Clients Hate Your Website

Your website is the window to your business. It needs to be easy to use and easy on the eyes or your site viewers are going to click that back button and search for the next business on the search results list. If you’ve had your website up for a while and aren’t seeing any activity or getting any leads, you might be guilty of some of these errors.


They can't view your site on their phone.

The number of people viewing websites on their phone has long since passed the number of people viewing sites on their desktop or laptop. It is imperative to have a website that is mobile-friendly and easy for your viewers to use.


You aren’t giving detailed directions to your office.

Listing your address is a given. Clients can input your address into their phone or GPS, great! But what if you are located in a business complex with a dozen other offices sharing the same address? Help them out and list specific and detailed directions for them to follow.


You aren’t making it easy to contact you.

Your website viewers are interested and ready to make an appointment (awesome!) but they can’t find your phone number! Clearly and prominently show your phone number and contact information.


You don’t show which forms of payment/insurance you accept.

One reason people are going to your site is to see if you accept credit cards or personal checks (or insurance accepted if you’re a medical office). Help them make a faster decision to make an appointment.


You don’t share your working hours.

How late are you open? How early can a client be seen? Are walk-ins welcome? Answer these on your site and free up your phone.


You don’t list your team and their credentials.

Your website viewers have a choice so give them enough information to make an informed decision. Show the personality and culture of your business and proudly display the people who make up your team.


They can’t make an appointment online.

Your regular clients know and trust you and no longer feel like they need to speak to someone in person. They also don’t want to bother waiting on hold to schedule a regular appointment. Make it easier and offer online scheduling.


Your site isn’t organized. They can’t find anything!

One of the biggest frustrations for website viewers is not being able to find what they are looking for. You have a few seconds before a viewer will leave your site and find an answer somewhere else.


You don’t display or share any social proof.

Put their minds at ease and list positive reviews, affiliate and accreditation logos, and link to your social media outlets. These will show them you are established and trustworthy.


It’s outdated and it looks bad.

Boxed in layouts, tiny font sizes, outdated images, and poor color choices all matter. These issues make it difficult to use your site and are even damaging to your credibility. If your site is old, difficult to use, or just plain unattractive, your site visitor is going to leave and find a different site.

94% graph

“94% of visitors will reject a website based on its design-related aspects.”

– Article: Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites

Does your site pass?

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